Six Things To Do After You’ve Moved

You’ve said your goodbyes, you’ve shed your tears.

You’ve unloaded the moving truck and slowly started to unpack.

You’ve officially changed your address and can call yourself an official resident of *insert city name here.*

You’re settling into your home… now what?


Whether you moved to a new city for undergrad, grad school, job or just a change of pace, you have a million things swirling around in your head. You feel as though you’re on vacation but how can you start making it feel like home?
It’s been almost two months {wow, time is flying!} since I traded corn for the mountains and here a few things that helped me.
1. Say Hello
Nobody will know who you are unless you say something. Strike up a conversation with those you awkwardly stand next to in an elevator ride. Have you thought about trying Meet Up or Bumble BFF? You never know who could be your next friend.
2. Taste Test Via Groupon
Do as the locals do and eat at local restaurants. Look up your new city on Groupon to find some deals on great eats.
3. Stay In Touch Via Snapchat
I’ll admit it, I used to be skeptical of Snapchat. Now, I’m obsessed. Although I love sharing my wild adventures around my new city, its help me stay in touch with my family and friends. I feel more “in the loop” with them and they can follow along my adventure.
4. Furnish Via Craigslist
While Target has everything I didn’t realize I needed for my new apartment, it’s OK to just keep walking. Put away that shopping cart and pick up the basket to grab your essentials. Your new home will be furnished but it doesn’t hurt to browse on Craigslist. You moved in to the city but there are just as many people moving out. We recently picked up an entertainment center table and coffee table for just $100.
5. Check Local Publications
Whether you’ve moved to Dallas, Denver or Detroit, I am 99.9% sure there’s a local publication that covers news, lifestyle, events, sports and food around your new city. Bonus: 9 out of 10 times they probably have a Facebook Page that lists any fun events around the city. If you find one that catches your eye just click “Interested” and it’ll pop up as a reminder in the future.
6. Pick Up The Phone
Although your new city is full of adventure don’t forget about the people you just said goodbye to. Pick up the phone to give them a call, send a text or a Snapchat dog-filtered selfie to say hello.

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