Simple Cake Pops

I’ve never had a cake pop. I accidentally made cake pops. I am now a cake pops lover addict. 

A few weeks ago I made cupcakes for my roommate’s birthday. It was getting late and frosting another dozen didn’t seem feasible so I threw the remaining batter into a cake pan. It turned out just right but then as I transferred it to frost, it split down the middle. (Maybe transferring it was the mistake – ha!) What does one do?

Naturally, attempt cake pops.


  • Cake mix (I used a box!)
  • Frosting
  • Sprinkles
  • Almond bark or white chocolate chips
  • Kitchenware: large mixing bowl, glass bowl, wax paper


  • Whip up the cake mix, as instructed on the box
  • In a large bowl, crumble up your cake until fine
  • In the same bowl, fold in frosting until it’s firm to form balls
  • Roll up cake balls (I used a tablespoon as my scooper to start but then made smaller/bigger ones)
  • Place on wax paper, freeze all cake balls for five minutes
  • Melt chocolate and cover each cake ball with chocolate
  • Quickly transfer to wax paper and garnish with your favorite sprinkles
  • Let dry & voila!

LLB - Cake Pops - Mix

LLB - Cake Pops - Mix2

LLB - Cake Pops - Mix3

LLB - Cake Pops - Mix4

LLB - Cake Pops - Mix5

LLB - Cake Pops - Mix6

LLB - Cake Pops - Mix7

LLB - Cake Pops - Mix8

LLB - Cake Pops2


My next batch I will use a cake ball stick… so more to come.


Cheers to a sweet weekend,


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