Scarf Swap 2016

And just like that, “Host a scarf swap” is checked off A Little Fall Checklist!


Last week I was flew back to Des Moines for work, the city I used to call home. Despite it being just about four months since I said Goodbye, Des Moines and Hello, Denver, it felt so great to see friends and coworkers.

Luckily my trip back was the perfect time to host a second annual Scarf Swap with these Iowa gals. We met at Bubba, a new southern comfort restaurant nestled in downtown Des Moines. We enjoyed their happy hour special, delicious plates and catching up on life. As you can see, we also walked away with a new fall accessory to our closets.

Our Simple Scarf Swap Rules:

– Each person to bring a wrapped scarf

– Each person draws a number (6 people, have pieces of paper labeled 1, 2, 3… 6)

– #1 picks a scarf, unwraps and shows the group

– #2’s turn! They can either choose from an unopened scarf or steal #1’s scarf
*If #1’s scarf is stolen, they will choose a gift from the pile
*If #1’s scarf isn’t stolen and #2 picks from the pile, it’s #3’s turn

– A scarf can only get stolen twice, the third owner is the final owner

– The swap is over once there are no scarves left in the gift pile



The Gifts

Don’t let the packaging deceive you!



The Location

Say hello to Bubba! This isn’t the Happy Hour menu but I love Dinner menu houndstooth design. We grazed on their cheese plate, white cheddar grits cakes (below), fried okra and fried green tomatoes. #yummy.





The Swap

Remember, a scarf can only be “stolen” twice which means the third owner is the final scarf model.






Golden rule of a scarf swap? Enjoy it with your friends and take a group photo!

Cheers to writing your own chapter,


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