San Diego: North Park & Balboa Park

San Diego has a special place in my heart. My first trip was to run my first half marathon (San Diego Rock n Roll… that’s another story!) and second was for a social media conference, where I met so many amazing people – two of which live in SD! I knew I had to go back so when my childhood friend was getting married in SF, I took a quick detour to spend a few days in SD to see old friends and new.

Let’s just say I want to move here… or at least have a beach house here A-S-A-P.

Third time’s a charm…

Goodbye, Colorado…

…Hello, California!

I spent the long weekend with Elyse, a SD native, who showed me around town. We met years ago at the social media conference (proud marketing nerds) and have remained friends ever since! Crazy how connections are formed. One of my favorite parts of traveling is being able to blend in with the locals and do the local things… all while being a tourist and enjoying every minute of it.


First on your list, add North Park & Balboa Park to your list!



PIGMENT | Take one step into Pigment and you’ll never want to leave. This place has all the things you didn’t know you needed but realized it belongs in your home. I’m a huge fan because they have a wall filled with cards for every occasion – hello, snail mail! They’ve sectioned off the store for every type of party you could throw – from unicorn to bachelorette themed. My favorite part? They have a corner of the store called the Plant Lab, filled with all the succulents you’d want and would die for.


ARTELEXIA | One block away from Pigment we found this wall… so of course, stop to take a photo. Thanks to a little Googling, there’s a great story behind this mural. On the other side of the mural is Artlexia, a little shop specializing in Mexican gifts, art, home decor and gourmet food!


UNDERBELLY | I met up with my new coworker, Kelsey, at Underbelly North Park and we each got ramen. (She also happens to be a blogger so check her out for all the SD eats at @blondeandbutter!)Let’s just say these bowls were as big as our head but we could not stop eating! I got the Underbelly Ramen + veggies. Yes, it took me 5 minutes to decide because they have so many delicious options!


CITY TACOS | Oh, how I miss you, City Tacos! I could eat these for lunch all day, every single day. I ordered the Pollo Asado (because I love chicken everything) and Chorizo (which is not typical of me). My favorite was by far the Chorizo and I can’t wait to have it again!


Since California is always sunny, warm and dress season (kidding) I was THAT tourist who wore a dress on a somewhat “chilly” day… and it felt great! A simple dress + converse never hurt anyone!

Get the look:

Did you know Balboa Park is bigger than NYC’s Central Park? I was shocked, too! Balboa Park is a 1,200-acre park in San Diego with gardens, plenty of walking paths, museums, theaters & the first zoo I ever went to: the San Diego Zoo!

PANMA 66 | After spending the afternoon exploring the park (as much as our feet could handle) our friend Alyssa (of Life & Style by AP) met up with us for drinks at Panama 66! The three of us pretty much closed the place down – luckily, we were sitting by a heat lamp! We shared a bottle of wine and the best truffle fries while gabbing away about life. It’s crazy how you can meet people but I’m so grateful our paths have crossed!


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