Pin Sets, a Denim Jacket’s Best Friend

It’s almost my four day weekend and I’m so pinning excited! As my first post of 2017 I thought it’d be appropriate to share what’s on my mind first thing in the morning: breakfast.  When I spotted this pin set it took me about 3 seconds to snag it and knew it was a perfect way to subtly add a little personality to my denim jacket.

Little Lee Book - Pin Set0


Although we’re closing out week 2 of the New Year I’m still in goal planning mode for the year. When I look back at 2016 it was truly the year of change. It was the first time I traveled alone to a new city and the first time I left my home state. I’ll be sharing my goals for 2017 later this month but I can tell you now, I have a feeling it’ll be a great year. I have a few ideas for my blog and excited to let it grow as I continue to explore this new home and life.

Little Lee Book - Pin Set1

Little Lee Book - Pin Set2

Little Lee Book - Pin Set3

But today, I’ll keep it short & sweet for you and share a tip on how to spruce up a denim jacket. It’s quite versatile whether you want it to be the main point of your outfit or throw it on for an extra layer, just in case. It’s a great piece to throw over your summer dress with sneakers or to add a little color for an all-black outfit. You can wear it with a skirt, jeans or slip dress. Don’t be afraid to grab pin sets to add a little bit of your personality and in this case, your preferred foods that can also serve as a fun conversation starter.

Little Lee Book - Pin Set4


denim jacket: J. Crew

pin set: Forever 21

Cheers to writing your own chapter,


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