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When it comes to traveling I’m all about being comfortable, functional and prepared. These same rules apply when it comes to my travel purse. Whether you’re off on a day trip, a long weekend with your friends or mentally preparing for a multi-flight trip, you need to be prepared. Today I’m sharing four different travel purse options. I have first hand experience with the ones I highlighted but found a few other options.


Ready for Anything – structured, functional yet stylish

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical with this Kate Spade Cameron Street Candace Satchel purse. I wasn’t sure if it’d be too big or too heavy, but honestly, it’s just right! I use it for work, when I go to Happy Hour, while running errands and yes, when I travel. It’s structured yet functional and the long strap helps when I want to throw it over my shoulder.

Chic & Functional – functional, secured and light weight

I’ve had a Longchamp since high school… and it’s still being used today. I like to call this my Mary Poppins bag because I can fit literally everything I need in it, and more. My laptop case, laptop, water bottle, wallet, books, snacks and more snacks all fit. Oh, and the magazines and M&Ms I buy while waiting in my terminal. The best part? It zips.

Backpack Bestie – stylish, straps and pockets

When I’m traveling to a city that I know will be go, go, go, I opt for a stylish yet functional backpack. I know, it may seem touristy, but when you’re day is filled with activities, don’t you want to be hands free? Not only will this Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack complete your outfit, it’ll fit perfectly fit your wallet, headphones and book or tablet you need on the plane.

Versatile Backpack – functional, laptop and comfortable

I recently got the Topo Design Klettersack and find every reason to use it. Although there are many reasons to use this bag I find it perfect for traveling when I need to take my laptop. It’s not only durable but designed with all the pockets you’d need.

Do you have a favorite travel purse? I’d love to hear and see what it is!

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