My Go To Travel Outfit

What’s one thing you can control while traveling? That’s right, your outfit.

As most of you know I have a major case of the travel bug. I love exploring new cities, returning to old and discovering the local gems at my final destination. With my love of travel I’ve decided to do a travel series this year. I’ll share tips and tricks about planning your trip, how to maximize your carry on, how to be an efficient packer, things to never forget… the list could go on.

Have you ever been on a flight and been too cold? Too hot? Wish you had packed that extra layer or hate that you decided to wear flip flops?

The key your travel outfit is to be both comfortable and prepared. There’s no secret sauce, it’s a matter of being a little more practical and versatile with your pieces.

My go to outfit includes:

  • basic top – usually a sleeveless tank or t-shirt (not one you’d wear to the gym)
  • layer – my free people chambray shirt that provides just enough coverage for my arms for when they crank up the AC
  • warmth – a thicker vest with pockets that layer perfectly with my long sleeve
  • comfortable pants – always opt for pants. always.
  • socks + your choice of shoes – don’t let your toes freeze!
  • down jacket – these can be rolled up and tucked in your personal item – I typically travel with them when I’m heading somewhere cold
  • bonus – a hat in case you were rushing to get to the airport

Little Lee Book - Travel Outfit0

Little Lee Book - Travel Outfit4

Little Lee Book - Travel Outfit1

Little Lee Book - Travel Outfit2

Little Lee Book - Travel Outfit3

Little Lee Book - Travel Outfit5


Peace, love & safe travels!



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