Melting Snowmen Cookies

Yesterday it snowed nearly 8 inches in Denver! Waking up today I expected it to freeze over, just like in Iowa, but it did quite the opposite. The melting snow this morning reminded me of my very first winter dessert I made: Melting Snowmen Cookies.

I lived alone for one year and it happened to be the only year I lived without cable and internet. Let’s just say I spent a lot of time watching DVDs, running (I was addicted to half marathons) and going to the library when I needed wi-fi. (Crazy, I know. I’m shocked I survived, too!) This was also the year my sweet tooth took over and truly discovered my love for baking and decorating dainty sweets.

In the spirit of Christmas this week and flying home to see my family and friends I want to share an Iowa snow + Denver sun inspired treat. These photos are from the days I didn’t think about blogging my baking adventures but I’m excited to share one of my favorite winter treats.


 Melting Snowmen Cookies




Sugar Cookie aka Snowmen Bodies

– Use your family recipe or this recipe from Food.com
*If you’re on a time crunch, pick up store baked cookies or pull apart dough

Royal Icing aka Melted Snow

– Confectioners Powdered Sugar
– Meringue Powder

Marshmallows aka Snowman

– Large marshmallows
– Orange sprinkles or orange frosting (for carrot nose)
– Circle sprinkles (for buttons)
– Black frosting (for coal eyes, coal mouth and arms)
– Piping tool




– BAKE or PICK UP your sugar cookies, let cool if necessary

– WHIP together your royal icing: 2 cups confectioners powdered sugar, 1 1/2 tablespoons meringue powder and 3 tablespoons warm water

– MAKE your snowmen heads: orange sprinkle for their nose, two eyes and a smile made of dots or a shocked expression
Little Lee Tip: make all your snowmen heads before frosting the cookies

– MELT your cookies by creating a puddle of snow with your royal icing
Little Lee Tip: it doesn’t need to be perfect! Puddles never look the same.

– ATTACH the marshmallow to the cookie quickly as the royal icing starts drying

– DRESS the snowman with buttons using circle sprinkles and piping stick arms

– DRY your snowmen on a cooling rack

– SERVE & eat them quickly since they’re melting!








Time to build a snowman & cheers to writing your own chapter,


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