Little Blessings

There’s something to be said about the individuals in your life that live hundreds of miles away. They’re the ones who greet you with genuine enthusiasm and find excitement in the opportunity to hang out, whether it’s for an hour, for a drink, or (if you’re lucky) for the weekend. They’re the ones who find it effortless to pick up right where you left off.

Luck was on my side these last two weekends as I was able to travel to Denver and Minneapolis and reconnect with some of these great people. Although my room is now an absolute disaster, coffee has been my life line, and I’ve missed quite a few days at the yoga studio, making new memories has been worth it, 100%. (Now, get your booty’s to Iowa this summer.)

A little recap of my Mile High & Twin cities travels sprinkled with a DSM adventure:


Pepsi Center

Hoops & Hops

Hops + Hoops – beer tasting event at the Pepsi Center


national anthem

National Anthem via violinist before Nuggets vs. Kings



French for The Moines, Mile High, Windy City, Mile High



A beautiful afternoon at the range – why yes, I attempted  approximately 13 of the 200 balls you see



First concert of 2016 in Des Moines



Finally: Parachute, who just so happened to follow me to Minnesota on Saturday



Enjoying the Loop at West End with the beautiful bride-to-be



Bat City meets Twin Cities


bridal party

After planes, trains & automobiles, the bridal party’s all here! We said yes to the dresses at the Wedding Shoppe and can’t wait for the big day.

My Monday piece of wisdom? Find a weekend and go visit a friend who doesn’t live in your town. Your weekend to list can wait.

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