Last Minute Hosting Tips

In just a few days homes will be filled with family, friends & holiday spirit. In just a few days some of you will be hosting for the holidays – are you ready? Here are a few last minute tips to help spruce up your festive home this weekend! 

Easy Tableware


Add a little festive flair by picking up some holiday inspired plates, napkins, cups and utensil holders. If you go the paper route toss those in the recycling bin for a quick clean up!


Simple Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love cupcake? Whip up a few and sprinkle on some holiday sprinkles.


Mini Desserts


Want to feel less guilty for the amount of cupcakes you eat? Kidding. Seriously though, aren’t these cute? Whip up a few mini cupcakes and finish them off with holiday sprinkles.


Festive Appetizers


Pinterest recipes for the win. Spend a few minutes to look up “easy holiday appetizer” to find what meets your guests’ palette and your time crunch.


Beverages for All 

Get those wine glasses, beer mugs and coffee cups out! It’s time to treat yourself with some wine, local brews or hot chocolate (with Bailey’s).


Host a Scarf Swap (aka Stylish Elephant Gift Exchange!)


If want to throw in a fun activity, ask your guests to show up with wrapped scarf. Find out how to host a scarf swap here with your guests.


Happy hosting & cheers to writing your own chapter,



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