How to Add Color To Your Mostly Black Outfit

“Hannah, what’s your favorite color?’


“No, not for clothes…”

“Oh, um….”

A simple question and all I could think was colors in terms of clothes. Although I love dressing in all black (more to come on that) it’s fun to spruce it up a bit with some color. Think of an all black outfit to as your blank slate. The other pieces in color will be what stands out while still keeping your look put together.

Little Lee Book - Black+Details1

Follow these simple ways to add color to your mostly black outfit:


Whether you’re an earrings, necklace, bracelets or rings kind of girl, don’t forget to wear your personal ornaments. I never leave the house without the two rings on my right hand so let’s forget about those today. Adding color to this outfit was first through dainty gold jewelry from Prickly Hearts. I stumbled upon this shop at the Denver Flea Market with my friend and we both bought Mara’s gold chain necklace. I also picked up a packet of midi rings which have a unique shape and customized to your fingers. The subtle yet absolutely adorable and unique bracelet I added is from Shashi. One of my favorite local boutiques (Lady Jones Denver) carries these and their mini tassles and beads sold me.

Prints & Patterns.

I’m all about being resourceful with your clothes and mixing + matching whenever possible. I originally found this Free People Psychedelic Top in the summer but by layering it under a black duster it was the perfect amount of color from head to toe. Find a top that is based in black but has a print or pattern you love. It’ll bring just enough color to your look!

Nail Polish. 

Don’t forget that your nails are another blank slate. These mini canvases are an opportunity for you to go bold. Pick a fun color or two to add in another pop of color to your outfit. It’s a subtle yet noticeable detail that’ll complete your look.


Most importantly, shoes. Whether you’re comfortable in heels, flats, booties or sneakers, shoes are another great way to paint a little color in your mostly black outfit. I’m wearing some comfortable suede Nine West heels that’s a few shades darker than the stripe in my top. Rule of thumb here? Find a pair of shoes in your closet that are not all black.


Little Lee Book - Black+Details5

Little Lee Book - Black+Details0

Little Lee Book - Black+Details4

Little Lee Book - Black+Details6

Little Lee Book - Black+Details3

photos: eric j

Cheers to a little color & writing your own chapter,



Starting something new – shop via LLB! I’ll do my best to pull together the exact pieces from my outfits. If they’re sold out or no longer available you’ll see something similar.

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