¡Hola, Cabo!

¡Hola! Beautiful weather, delicious food & a few days of relaxation – the perfect mini getaway. As I combed through the few hundreds of photos we snapped I can’t help but miss my first trip to Mexico. Nearly four weeks ago since we took a flight out of the country and found ourselves enjoying breakfast at the pool, lathering sunscreen every time we remembered and tackled a few items on my bucket list: parasailing and snorkeling. (Not going to lie, the life jacket was my best friend that hour in the water. I did however hold a blow fish!) Below are a few snapshots of our belated Christmas gifts: mini getaway to Cabo San Lucas.


packed & ready!
packed & ready.


no terminal? no problem.


night 1 "I could get used to this..."
night 1 view from our porch: “I could get used to this…”


daily walk from our condo


me gusta fresa
Me gusta fresa


y me gusta helado


cabo escape = this view, sunburns & snorkeling
Cabo Escape boat ride = this view, sunburns & snorkeling


That’s right, no bad time in Cabo


daily accessories: neon + lime


"we're on top of the world!"
“We’re on top of the world!”


xoxo can't wait to go back
until we meet again…

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