Current Obsession: Geometric Earrings


I can never leave the house without earrings – it’s the easiest way to feel complete before starting the day. Most days you’ll find me with my go-to gold studs but lately, I’ve been obsessed with geometric earrings. There’s something about taking simple shapes and lines to make a subtle statement on your ears.

I found this pair from H&M for $3! (Hey there, sale section!) That’s right, the same price as a cup of coffee. The simple yet statement quality of these earrings caught my eye, not to mention the simple black + gold combo! Geometric earrings can go with just about any outfit, from a causal shirt and jeans (or shorts, if summer ever comes) to a black jumpsuit to cocktail dress for a date night – a simple way to stay stylish.



Here are a few similar styles you can snag for yourself!




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