Five Affordable Ways to Decorate for Fall

When the seasons change, so do your decorations.

Do you “just glance” at the dollar section in Target and buy “just one” thing, every single trip? Guilty.

Do you walk by the Target Home Decor section, put something in your cart then rationalize why you should put it away? Guilty (sometimes).

Do you follow West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Room and Board or Restoration Hardware on Instagram and swoon over every single item? Guilty.

Do you go to TJMaxx or Home Goods and want to fill your cart but not sure where it’d go in your home? Guilty.

Decorating can go one of two ways: impulse splurge or on a budget. If you’re like me, you want to decorate for every season and that tends to add up. I’m by no means an interior designer  (I can refer you to a professional) but I do enjoy switching things up to set the tone.

Here are five simple, affordable ways to decorate for fall:

1. Candles


Candles set the tone thanks to their holiday colors to the scent.

I always keep my eye out for these Bath & Body Works 3-Wick candles and stock up when they are on promotion.


(Yes, I keep my September issues and enjoying flipping through them.)

You can find similar candles here, here or here – all based on your nose preference.

2. Mini Pumpkins

Trader Joe’s to the rescue! What else is new?


Snatch a pumpkin for <$1 each.

You can put down that “maybe I’ll eat this” item and pick up a few of these cute pumpkins and gourds.




3. Placemats

Do you have a dining room table? Maybe an island or breakfast nook?

Perfect. Now you can fallorize (yes, I made up this word) it with placemats.

I stumbled upon these placemats at Wal-Mart for less than $2 a piece!



If you want a rectangular one, you can snag this one that will last through Thanksgiving or this one to use through December.


4. Fall Flowers

Again, Trader Joe’s to the rescue.

TJ flowers

Grab a fresh bouquet for less than $4.

Otherwise, you can grab a few fake ones at Michael’s, but don’t forget to print off coupon.

Fake flowers will let you decorate it and forget it.


5. Candy Corn Galore

…because every room in your home needs a bowl of candy corn + peanuts + M&Ms.


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