Edible Christmas Trees

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree…. how you look so tasty. A new song that you’ll be singing after you make these edible Christmas trees! This recipe will take you less than an hour and perfect for a cookie exchange, cookies left for Santa or your nightly dessert.


  • Oreos (Regular or Double Stuffed works!)
  • White Candy Melts
  • Green Candy Melts
  • Star Sprinkles
  • Red Sprinkles (these will be your ornaments so if you pick your favorite colors!)
  • Kitchenware: parchment paper, glass bowl (to melt chocolate), portion dishes (easy access to the sprinkles), zip blog bag


  • MELT white Candy Melts and dip Oreos so at least one side is covered
  • DRY covered Oreos (pictured) so you’re ready to decorate
  • MELT green Candy Melts in a zip lock bag
    • Little Lee Tip: use a portion dish so the chocolate stays in one corner
  • DRAW Christmas tree on each Oreo
  • DRESS UP the tree with your red sprinkles
  • TOP the tree with a gold star!
  • WAIT for the Oreos to dry… maybe taste test it
  • SERVE on a festive platter and store the rest in an air tight container

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