East Village Gems

In one month you’ll find me at the Des Moines Downtown Farmers’ Market – that’s right, May 7th is just around the corner, people! Get your $5 ready for breakfast bowl in one hand, fresh flowers in the other, all while strolling around Court Avenue surrounded by dogs, dogs & more dogs.

I’m getting ahead of myself here; we have over four weeks to enjoy spring in Iowa: 85 degrees one day, 35 degrees the next. Sound familiar? As we slowly transition into warmer weather and start to pack away winter coats many of us are filling weekend plans with road trips, weddings and visitors.

Whether you’re hosting family, friends, or want to be a tourist in our own town, stop by these East Village gems:


Leona Ruby

Because everyone loves to shop for new dainty jewelry




Pink Print Co

A paper goods + design studio filled with cards, stationary and paper goods you didn’t realize you needed





Your one stop shop for culinary herbs, spices, vinegar & oil – it’ll make you want to cook




Porch Light

A vintage store that’ll light up your home 

MINT candle

KALE candle




If you leave Canton, Ohio without shopping here… well, that’s just your own fault.




Zombie Burger

Drink your calories away after eating your body weight



Kitchen Collage

In less than ten minutes you’ll evaluate what’s missing in your kitchen… then pick up cookbooks you wish you could use



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