[DIY] Old Fashioned Cocktail Birthday Card

Puns should never go unnoticed. Birthdays should also never go unnoticed. What happens when someone turns the big 3-0? You combine these two!

Today I’m sharing a simple birthday card you can make for your friend who loves an Old Fashioned cocktail and (appreciates) corny jokes.


– Blank Card (I got mine at Michaels or use cardstock)
– Pencil
– Colored Pencils
– Thin point black marker or Sharpie
– A friend who is turning 30 or loves Old Fashioned


– STENCIL a glass, ice cube and orange peel with pencil first
– DRAW over it with your Sharpie, let dry
– ERASE your pencil drawing
– COLOR in your drawing
– WRITE “You’re a little old fashioned”
– WISH they have a sense of humor for this awesome card you just made


Birthday Card 3

Birthday Card 2

Birthday Card 4

Birthday Card 5

Birthday Card 6


Bonus? If you pair this with an actual Old Fashioned. Cheers!

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