Birthday Mantra

Well, I’m officially one year older.

Where did the time go? That’s right, I was busy enjoying life thanks to all of you, my amazing family and friends.

Year 26 was filled with ups, downs, celebrations and lessons learned. I was blessed to travel often and stay healthy, while meeting old friends, making new ones and discovering a new love for yoga and Brussel sprouts. I was blessed to celebrate early by taking a long weekend trip to DC, where we explored the city via monuments, museums and self guided food & drink tours.

Before the weekend began, I ventured off to the National Mall alone with my favorite playlist and a backpack carrying my camera and water – i.e. tourist essentials.

First stop Lincoln Memorial (selfie):


At the top of the memorial steps I couldn’t help but notice all the life stories happening in one spot:

Over 60 elementary students in matching t-shirts, chanting their school’s name with pride. High school students in their prom dresses, carefully being escorted down the stairs by their nervous dates and eager paparazzi parents. College graduates posing next to the pillars with flowers in one hand and ear-to-ear grins knowing they were officially done.

It was a bit crazy to know I had lived the exact memories they were writing that day.

Today, as I begin a new chapter in my life it’s hard not to wonder what’s to come. I’ll continue to be inspired by quotes and people’s stories, but have decided to keep it simple and appreciate Mark Twain’s view as a birthday mantra:

birthday wish


Cheers to a new year of possibilities (and hoping to grow a few more inches like this shadow)!


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