The Little Lee Book is a compilation of life’s little beauties captured by Hannah, a 20-something working gal living life in colorful Colorado. 

What started out as a way to capture my travels has turned into an online journal focusing on fashion, baking and the young professional lifestyle.

Although I’m the first to admit I’d be lost without my phone, I’ve always appreciated writing down my adventures with pen on paper. Now, this is obviously a blog, but it’s the closet way to capture my cherished moments before I can wonder, yet again, why time is flying by too quickly?

So, thanks for stopping by and go ahead – click through, swipe around and enjoy this adventure I’m capturing in my own little digital novel.


As an avid list maker I’ll share two of mine with you now so you can get to know me in a flash:


live music.
kettle corn.
local coffee shops.
black jeans.
desserts, any size.
dainty gold jewelry.
homemade cards.
hot yoga.
americano, no cream.
avocado toast.
fried eggs.
planning my next adventure.


subzero temps.
sour grapes.
when I don’t have a pen.
scary movies.
spicy food.
forgetting a friend’s birthday.
ketchup & mustard.
overdue manis.