10 Weeks: Check.

Ladies & gents, 10 weeks have zipped by and I have completed the FXB 10 Week Challenge! It’s been quite the journey and one that has seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. As I think back to what I could have shared it’s not exactly food or physical related but rather the lessons I’ve learned from the community I joined.

Make a commitment. Making a commitment is two fold. You can commit to eating healthy, exercising regularly, going to the gym or going to a program like FXB. Your commitment is the initial verbal agreement. Then hello, part two is harder: follow through. Some folks are amazing and a verbal commitment automatically motivates them to follow through; but if you’re like me, I’ve found that “put your money where your mouth is” keeps me on track. So simply put 1) make a verbal commitment then 2) find what works for you – whether paying $ upfront, wagering a dinner, vying for bragging rights – everyone follows through on their commitment for different reasons.

Be accountable. It was helpful that friends, family and coworkers knew I signed up for FXB. It was through casual conversations they’d ask how it went which kept me accountable for stating my love/hate experience and fessing up to days that I had missed. So whether you’re enrolled in a program like FXB, are training for your first race or simply making an appearance at the gym, tell someone. You’d be surprised by how they’ll help you stay accountable. Help yourself during this journey by having others help you.

One day = one step forward. Each time you go to class you sign in with your designated card. Sooner than later you are able to look back and realize the sum of each individual day turns into weeks which then turns into months. One class, one training day, one day is one step forward.

Be selfish. Each morning you can choose how many times to hit snooze, the shoes you put on and the music/news you listen to on the drive to work. Each afternoon you can choose, for the most part, when to eat, what to eat, and whether you need that afternoon coffee/tea/pop. After work you can choose what to have for dinner, what to do with your “free” time and when to go to bed. I know I haven’t touched upon every decision we are able to make but I hope this illustrate that life is all about making a choice – minimal, routine choices to life changing to deciding for others and ultimately for yourself. So with that said, be selfish. Make choices that will benefit your health and happiness. Working out is a choice. Picking the healthier options at the grocery store or restaurant is a choice. A 30… 45… 60 minute workout is your time to be selfish.

(& if you’ve noticed, it’s been a week since I posted. I took my own advice, was selfish and went on a mini getaway. Photos and posts to come soon.)

None of these are earth shattering lessons but ones that are good reminders every once in a while. I have signed up to continue with Farrell’s so look out for additional tidbits. 10 Week Date, see you again soon.

We Promise


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